Quidway S3952P-SI 不能保存配置的错误解决

一台Quidway S3952P-SI交换机,保存后配置会丢失,交换机直接进入初始化配置。查看启动选项,当前保存的配置为NULL,如下:

[cheshisw] dis startup
Current Startup saved-configuration file: NULL
Next main startup saved-configuration file: flash:/vrpcfg.cfg
Next backup startup saved-configuration file: NULL
Bootrom-access enable state: enabled


*                                                                                                               *
*          Quidway S3952P-SI BOOTROM, Version 317          *
*                                                                                                               *

Copyright (c) 1998-2006 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Creation date : Jun 9 2006, 15:30:51
CPU type : BCM4704
CPU Clock Speed : 200MHz
BUS Clock Speed : 33MHz
Memory Size : 64MB
Mac Address : 000fe23db3d1

Press Ctrl-B to enter Boot Menu… 1



1. Download application file to flash
2. Select application file to boot
3. Display all files in flash
4. Delete file from flash
5. Modify bootrom password
6. Enter bootrom upgrade menu
7. Skip current configuration file
8. Set bootrom password recovery
9. Set switch startup mode
0. Reboot


Enter your choice(0-9): 7
The current setting is skipping configuration file when reboot.
Are you sure you want to skip current configuration file when reboot? Yes or No [Y/N] n

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